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HippoRemote Pro 3.4

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Hi folks! HippoRemote Pro 3.4 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store. I intended to get this update out sooner, but during final testing a few new issues were reported. Though it would delay the update by a couple weeks, I felt the issues were important enough that they needed to be addressed promptly. Thank you all for your patience!

### IPHONE 5

The banner feature for this update is support for iPhone 5’s taller screen. Though it may not seem like a lot, that little extra bit of screen real estate really does make a difference. For example, the splitscreen trackpad + keyboard no longer feels cramped. And the fullscreen keyboard can finally show you what you’re typing even when you’ve switched to the arrow or function keys.

### IOS 6

With each new update to iOS, Apple adds new features, tweaks existing features, and removes some older features. This is the reality of progress. In order to do newer, better things, older things have to be discarded. This is true for apps too. HippoRemote Pro 3.4 now requires iOS 4.3 or newer. Dropping support for older versions of iOS, I could modernize key portions of HippoRemote, resulting in a smoother, more responsive and more performant experience.


The trackpad, in particular, received some significant improvements. First, the tracking of small finger movements has been greatly enhanced. Previously, small, slow finger movements could result in a jerky mouse pointer. This should be all but eliminated now.

Additionally, tap-to-click is now more responsive. There used to be a small delay between when you finished your tap and when the click would register on your computer. The update greatly reduces the delay, improving the fluidity of trackpad use.


A number of folks have requested an option to assign a connection a friendlier name than the IP address. This doesn’t apply to Mac users, because HippoRemote can detect the name of your Mac. But for folks controlling multiple PCs, a list of IP addresses is pretty impenetrable. HippoRemote Pro 3.4 finally lets you give each connection a nicer name. Looking back, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to add this option. Thanks to those of you who patiently outwaited by obtuseness.


Another popular request is support for using the app when your device is upside down. A number of you who email me have various dongles attached to your iPhones dock connectors or the headphone jacks. Rather than forcing you to keep flipping your devices around while switching apps, HippoRemote Pro will now work up the upside-down orientation. You will need to enable the Auto-Rotate setting in the app, though.


That covers the more notable changes in the app. If you enjoy using HippoRemote, I’d really appreciate it if you would leave a five star review in iTunes. I’d love it even more if you would tell others about the app via Facebook, Twitter or the good old-fashioned way.

If you don’t like something, or just want to give me some suggestions, you can get in touch with me via email. My email address is on HippoRemote’s support page (http://hipporemote.com/support). Twitter (@HippoRemote) is also an option, but I find it’s pretty hard to talk about features in 140 characters or less.

Enjoy and happy HippoRemoting!



* Fixed connection errors when using a blank password.

* Fixed unresponsive macro button.

* Fixed bug that could cause Dropbox syncing to stall.

* Fixed bug in profile editor that prevented editing of a deleted button.

November 5th, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Auto-discovery Broken with iTunes 10.5 for Windows

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It looks like iTunes 10.5 for Windows breaks HippoRemote’s ability to automatically discover your Windows PC. Specifically, the new version of Bonjour that is installed with iTunes 10.5 only works briefly before failing. Hopefully, Apple will issue a fix soon.

In the meantime, a temporary band-aid is to uninstall the existing version of Bonjour and to install an older version from the link below.

Bonjour for Windows 2.0.2

This has restored auto-discovery on my Windows PCs, but I’m guessing it may cause some incompatibilities with iTunes 10.5. I haven’t noticed any, but I’m not a heavy iTunes users. If you run into any issues, leave a comment or send me a support email.

November 9th, 2011 at 8:12 pm

HippoConnect 1.0.5

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Hey Mac users!

I just released an update to HippoConnect that addresses two issues you may be experiencing.

First, this update fixes a problem with fast user switching. HippoConnect will now restart when you fast user switch, so that you can properly control your Mac as the new user, rather than continue to be tied to the previous user.

Second, this update addresses an issue in Lion with remotely waking your Mac. Lion is much more energy conscious than previous version of OS X. So if you tried to wake up your Mac over Wi-Fi, it would turn on, but the display would stay off. Great for many situations, but lousy for HippoRemote. This update to HippoConnect will now activate your sleeping display, letting you fully power up your Mac without getting up from the couch.

Here’s the download link.

After downloading, you must toggle HippoConnect off/on for the changes to take effect.


October 27th, 2011 at 1:14 pm

HippoRemote Pro 3.3

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Hi again! Wanted to let you all know that HippoRemote Pro 3.3 is now available in the App Store. It’s only been a month since the last update, but I managed to squeeze a number of useful enhancements into this release. Read on for more details.


As most of you probably know, Apple released OS X Lion last month. It’s a big update and a number of features were significantly modified. Screen Sharing in particular received a major update with the addition of multi-user sharing. While incredibly convenient, multi-user sharing unfortunately broke compatibility with HippoRemote.

I’m happy to say that the 3.3 update restores Screen Sharing support and makes it even better! Instead of fiddling with VNC settings, you can now connect to your Mac using your user account and password. The entire setup process has been simplified to one step — Check the box next to Screen Sharing in your Mac’s System Preferences.


If you use HippoRemote to control multiple computers, your favorites list is probably includes a bunch of apps that aren’t installed on the current machine. If you have both Macs and PCs, the situation is likely even worse.

In 3.3, your favorites are now stored per connection. So no more jumbled profiles. Just a nice clean list for each computer you control.


For those of you running HippoRemote on your iPads in 2x mode, the trackpad has probably been a bear to use because the sensitivity is out of whack. I’ve added a setting called “2x Adjustment” that should properly tune the sensitivity and make the trackpad usable again. I tried to make this setting automatic, but unfortunately apps can’t detect when they are running in 2x mode, so you’ll have to manually enable this.


A number of users have reported that their right mouse button has stopped working. As it turns out, in a recent software update for Snow Leopard users, Apple flipped the middle and right mouse buttons for Screen Sharing. I don’t know if this was an accident or a permanent change, but if your right mouse button is unresponsive, there’s now a “Swap Buttons” setting that should restore the proper behavior.


That covers the big ticket items. As always, each update to HippoRemote also includes a bundle of small tweaks, edits, and fixes. The more complete list of changes is below.

If you like HippoRemote and the changes and updates, I’d really appreciate it if you would leave a five star review in iTunes. I’d love it even more if you would tell others about the app via Facebook, Twitter or the good old-fashioned way.

If you don’t like something, or just want to give me some suggestions, you can get in touch with me via email. My email address is on HippoRemote’s support page (http://hipporemote.com/support). Twitter (@HippoRemote) is also an option, but I find it’s pretty hard to talk about features in 140 characters or less.

Enjoy and happy HippoRemoting!



* Improved support for connecting via Screen Sharing on Macs. In particular, connecting to OS X Lion via Screen Sharing is now fully supported.

* Your list of favorite profiles is now stored per connection. No more jumbled favorites for those of you controlling multiple computers!

* Launch on Connect setting is now enabled by default. HippoRemote will automatically launch the app corresponding to the current profile when a connection is completed. (HippoConnect/HippoVNC only)

* Added “Reverse Swiping” setting for easily reversing swiping directions on gesturepads.

* Added “2x Adjustment” setting when running on an iPad. This scales the trackpad sensitivity to make mouse movements more natural when running in 2x mode.

* Added “Swap Buttons” setting for swapping middle and right mouse buttons. Snow Leopard users experiencing issues with right clicking should enable this setting.

* Added support for auto-discovery of MAC addresses, easing setup of Wake-on-LAN.

* Added new gesture shortcut – swipe horizontally across Profile button to clear the current profile.

* Added WebDAV support for uploading/editing profiles on the device.


* Fixed connection errors on IPv6 networks.

* Fixed broken Reverse Scrolling option.

* Fixed visual glitches when panning between keyboards.

* Fixed memory issue in Boxee/Plex/XBMC gesturepads when handling very large images.

* Fixed bug prevented custom actions for 3-finger gestures.

August 21st, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Upgrading to Lion

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**UPDATE: (8/21/2011) HippoRemote Pro 3.3 restores support for Screen Sharing connections.**

For those of you making the jump to OS X Lion, please install HippoConnect. It is the recommended way to enable connections with HippoRemote. You can download HippoConnect here.

If you previously used HippoVNC for Mac, please disable the system server (if it’s running) and uninstall.

If all you ran before was Screen Sharing, I highly recommend you install HippoConnect. Lion makes a number of changes to Screen Sharing that are great if you actually want to share the screen to a remote location, but not so great if you just want to simulate a keyboard & mouse like HippoRemote.

I’m working on improving support for Lion’s changes to Screen Sharing, but in the meantime, HippoConnect is the way to go.

July 20th, 2011 at 5:07 pm

HippoRemote Pro 3.2

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Hi folks! HippoRemote Pro 3.2 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store!


The biggest change in this update is a major rewrite of HippoRemote’s networking code. This means smoother mouse tracking, more fluid gestures and more responsive typing. But the most noticeable impact is dramatically improved connection times. I’ve managed to speed up connection times 2x and as much as 5x in certain scenarios. If you’re like me and multitask while you watch TV, this means that you can get in, out, and back in to the app faster than ever.

These speed improvements apply to the Fast Reconnect feature as well, which was already pretty darned fast. In 3.2, Fast Reconnects can complete so quickly that you may not even notice that it happened at all!

All this speed doesn’t come without risk, however. The old networking code was tried-and-true, having proven itself with solid performance in a variety of environments. The new networking code is just that &mdash new. I’ve tested it as much as I possibly can in my “lab”, but it hasn’t had to face the wilderness of all your networks and computers. So if you run into some odd behavior, please let me know. I’m hopeful that problems will be minimal, but I ask for your patience while I work out any kinks that arise.


The other big feature in this update is support for special function keys. A lot of you write in to ask if HippoRemote supports the media keys on Windows keyboards, or the special feature keys on Apple keyboards. I’m happy to say that with 3.2, the answer is a resounding YES.

You can access the special function keys from the F-key screen of HippoRemote Pro’s keyboard. If you’re running HippoVNC on your Windows PC, or HippoConnect on your Mac, you will see a SPECIAL button that toggles between standard f-keys and the special function keys.


Yes, there is one more thing. Effective today, I’m replacing HippoVNC on the Mac with HippoConnect. One of the problems with HippoVNC on the Mac was that it conflicted with Screen Sharing. HippoConnect solves that problem. You can run Screen Sharing simultaneously with HippoConnect without issue.

This is especially important for OS X Lion. Apple is changing a lot of things in Lion and Screen Sharing is no exception. The new per-user screen sharing feature in particular is great for letting multiple people access a single Mac, but it wreaks a bit of havoc on remote control apps like HippoRemote. I’ll try to work out some of the issues with Screen Sharing over time, but for the moment, HippoConnect is the sole supported option for Lion.

The good news is that the networking improvements that I made on the iPhone are also in HippoConnect. So using the two in tandem is ULTRA fast. If you’re using HippoRemote with a Mac, you really should switch to HippoConnect.


So that’s about all I have to say on the major features of the 3.2 update. However, as with every update to HippoRemote, there are a ton of small tweaks and fixes. The more complete list of changes is below.

If you like HippoRemote and the changes and updates, I’d really appreciate it if you would leave a five star review in iTunes. I’d love it even more if you would tell others about the app via Facebook, Twitter or the good old-fashioned way.

If you don’t like something, or just want to give me some suggestions, you can get in touch with me via email. My email address is on HippoRemote’s support page (http://hipporemote.com/support). Twitter (@HippoRemote) is also an option, but I find it’s pretty hard to talk about features in 140 characters or less.

Enjoy and happy HippoRemoting!



* Completely revamped networking. Connection times are now 2-5x faster!

* Added “special” button to keyboard for accessing additional functions including:
– Volume controls, playback controls & sleep.
РScreen brightness controls, Expos̩ and Dashboard on Macs.
– Back, forward, home, and favorites buttons on Windows.

* Added support for HippoConnect, our brand new, Lion-compatible desktop client.


* Tweaked tracking momentum to not be so crazy.

* Thumb scrolling now has momentum/inertia.

* Added Connect on Launch setting – launch current profile when connection is established.

* Swipe to switch between arrow keys and function keys.

* Smoother scrolling in lists in tables, particularly on iPhone 4.

* Added bounce effect when swiping to switch between controlpads and keyboards.

* Other small interface refinements and optimizations sprinkled throughout the app.


* Fixed potential trackpad resizing problem when rotating from landscape to portrait.

* Fixed issue where selecting a profile would not add it to favorites.

* Fixed bug that could cause keyboard buttons to temporarily disappear.

* Fixed rare stuck toolbar problem.

July 18th, 2011 at 6:24 pm

HippoRemote Pro 3.1

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It took me longer than I expected to finish the update, but HippoRemote Pro 3.1 has been approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store!


The focus of this update is the gesturepad. I added the gesturepad to HippoRemote back in version 2.0. I wanted to make controlling your computer feel more iPhone-like. On the iPhone, we interact with apps primarily through flicks and swipes. Taps are less frequent and repeated tapping is downright alien. I’m not saying that tapping is bad, but it feels far more natural to swipe through a list than to repeatedly tap an arrow key.

The gesturepad enabled this more natural usage and it was fantastic, especially for apps and websites designed around simple control schemes, like Hulu Desktop, Clicker.TV and YouTube Leanback. For more complex apps, however, using the gesturepad would quickly become a struggle. Apps designed for remote controls with lots of buttons were just not a good fit for gesturepad control. It was simply too hard to squeeze in all the necessary controls.

With the 3.1 update, I’m addressing the issue by adding modes to the gesturepad. Take the new Windows Media Center gesturepad as an example. There’s now an arrowpad mode for swiping through menus and lists. Once you’ve selected something, you tap a button and switch to playpad mode. Now, your flicks and swipes skip you forwards/backwards or fast forwards/rewinds the video. It feels completely natural and is so easy to do that you don’t even need to look down at the device in your hand.

For Boxee, XBMC, and Plex, I take modes even further. Because these three apps share a protocol for communicating their status, the gesturepad can detect whether you’re browsing through your media library or watching a movie and switch modes automatically. It’s totally awesome.

But that’s not all. I also added the ability to customize which controls are assigned to which gestures. You can do this on the fly, directly in the app. So if you don’t like the default controls, you can tailor them to your specific preferences. Just tap on the settings icon in the gesturepad and edit away. And if you’ve linked HippoRemote with your Dropbox account, all your changes are automatically backed up to the cloud, ready for syncing to your other devices.


New users will get the enhanced gesturepads right away. But if you’re updating to 3.1 from a previous version, you will need to update your profiles as well. To do this, go to the profile selection screen, tap on the action button in the upper right, and choose to add profiles. This will take you to our online profile library where you can download the latest profiles to your iPhone.

The gesturepad isn’t accessible from every profile. I’ve found that it makes the most sense for controlling apps that rely heavily on the arrow keys. For apps that rely on mouse control, HippoRemote’s trackpad is still the way to go. But I could be wrong! If you think a particular profile could benefit from a gesturepad, the great news is that you can take advantage all the profile editing features in HippoRemote to add one yourself!


There is one other pretty significant new feature in HippoRemote Pro 3.1. You can now assign buttons and macros to access URLs. This is quite useful for a couple things.

First, I think this will be really helpful to EventGhost users. Instead of assigning keyboard shortcuts to your EventGhost actions, you can instead map them to URLs using the web server plugin. No more worrying about keyboard conflicts with other apps.

Second, you can use this feature to control other non-PC devices on your network. For example, if you have a networked AV receiver that powers your speakers, you can create macros to control the master volume. Super super useful.

Creating one of these macros is pretty straightforward, just put the URL you want to access between some brackets like so:

[http://{IP address of device}/some_url]

If you want to target the computer that HippoRemote is connected to:


And if you want to send an HTTP POST command, just add a space after the URL and then your POST body:

[http://{IP address of device}/post_url POST_BODY]

This feature is still experimental and like all things involving networking, there are many potential gotchas. If you run into any issues or have questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email.


That just about covers the two main features in the 3.1 update. However, as with every update to HippoRemote, there are a ton of tweaks, fixes and behind the scenes optimizations. The full list of changes is below.

I hope you like the changes I’ve made. As always, I’m eager for any feedback you may have. The best way to get in touch with me is via the email address on our support page (http://hipporemote.com/support). Or drop me a line on Twitter (@HippoRemote).

Enjoy and happy HippoRemoting!



* Overhauled Boxee/Plex/XBMC gesturepads. Download updated Boxee/Plex/XBMC profiles to enable the new features.
– The gesturepad listens to feedback from Boxee/Plex/XBMC and automatically adapts the controls to what you are doing – navigating menus, watching video, or listening to music.
– Controls can be edited directly in the app by tapping on the gesturepad settings button.
– Edits are synced to Dropbox.
– Smoother animations and performance.
– More efficient network usage.

* Overhauled gesturepads for other profiles. Download updated profiles to enable the new features.
– Gesturepads can now have multiple modes. Tap or swipe icons to switch between them.
– Controls can be edited directly in the app by tapping on the gesturepad settings button.
– Edits are synced to Dropbox.
– Gesturepads will now display any wallpaper you’ve selected.

* Macros now accept URLs.
– Send HTTP GET and POST requests.
– Send requests to your programs on your PC, like EventGhost.
– Send requests to other devices on your network, like network-enabled AV receivers.


* Added an action button to the profile selection screen. Tap it to activate the profile editor, manage favorites, add new profiles, or delete unused profiles.

* Added a macro to toggle splitscreen keyboard: [KEYBOARD:SPLIT]

* Swipe to quickly switch between keyboard’s arrow keys and function keys.

* Long press on profile button to launch current app.

* Added caching to make button pads load faster, particularly on older devices.

* Added optimizations to enable smoother animations throughout the app.

* Added advanced trackpad settings for customizing 2, 3, and 4-finger trackpad actions.

* Increased repeat rate when buttons are held.


* Fixed issues when used in conjunction with a hardware keyboard.

* Fixed potential crash when editing a newly created macro.

* Fixed issue where a favorite could not be reordered to the bottom row.

* Fixed issue where a macro could not activate a named gamepad.

* Gamepad edits now properly sync to Dropbox.

* Other small, miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.

May 13th, 2011 at 11:18 am

HippoVNC 0.3.5 for Mac

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Hi folks. I’ve uploaded a new version of HippoVNC for Mac to the website. I’ve gotten a few reports that the changes I made to mouse tracking in the last update were causing erratic behavior. I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my own Macs, but I’m rolling back those changes until I figure out what’s going on.

If you’ve been seeing weirdness with the trackpad, then grab this update here. Let me know in the comments if it fixes things. Also, it would help me out a great deal if you could let me know what kind of Mac you have, what version of OS X it runs, and what kind of mouse you’re using.

If you’re running HippoVNC in the background as a system server, be sure to stop the server first (via HippoVNC’s preferences) before installing the update.

Download HippoVNC for Mac.

* **0.3.5**
* [CHANGED] Revert mouse handling changes due to reports of erratic trackpad behavior.

January 10th, 2011 at 9:51 pm

HippoRemote Pro 3.0.2

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Pro 3.0.2 is approved, so grab the update!

In my haste to release the last update, I created a new bug that affects iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G owners. This release fixes that bug. It also fixes a long-standing issue with poor connection performance on devices where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are simultaneously active. Hopefully this will solve connection headaches for quite a few people.



* Fixes a bug that cause some buttons to become unresponsive on non-multitasking devices.
* Improves connection performance and reliability on devices where Bluetooth is turned on.

December 14th, 2010 at 3:56 pm

HippoRemote Pro on Tekzilla

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Thanks Robert and Patrick! And Remote Potato looks hot too!

December 11th, 2010 at 10:53 pm

Unresponsive buttons in Pro 3.0.1

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I’m very sorry about this, but there’s a bug in HippoRemote Pro 3.0.1 that makes the top row of buttons (keyboard, settings, and profile selection) unresponsive. This issue affects non-multitasking devices — the iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G — and can happen when the app automatically reconnects to the last computer on startup.

A fix is coming very soon. In the meantime, there is a workaround — Switch away from the trackpad screen and back again. This is obviously harder to do when the main buttons are not working. If the profile you’re on has a button for Macros, tapping that and going back will work. Or, you can bring up the shake menu (by shaking your device) and tapping on Logins or Web.

Again, I apologize for missing this bug and ask for your patience as I push out the fix.

December 10th, 2010 at 11:49 am

Shank Profile

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I made this profile during the development of Pro 3.0, so I wasn’t able to properly announce it. It’s been available to download in the repository for a while now, or you can grab it here.

December 8th, 2010 at 3:22 pm

HippoRemote LITE 2.0

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I’m a day late on this, but I’m happy to announce that HippoRemote LITE 2.0 is available for download in the App Store. Like Pro, it now requires iOS 4.0 or greater.

My goal with LITE is to make it the very best free keyboard & mouse app in the App Store. Using an iPhone as a keyboard/mouse isn’t for everyone, but if it’s something you want to try, at no cost, I want HippoRemote LITE to be a no brainer. It should be the easiest to use, the best performing, the best looking — everything.

Version 2.0 is a big step towards that goal. I brought the brand new look of Pro into LITE. Designed by Adam Betts, it’s simply gorgeous. I also brought along all the trackpad usability enhancements, including thumb scrolling. Thumb scrolling may not seem like a big deal, but once you’ve used it, you’ll wish you had it everywhere.

Coupled with the existing features — multi-touch trackpad with pinch-to-zoom, international keyboard support, fast reconnect, wake-on-LAN — these new enhancements make LITE the most feature-rich app of its kind. Most competing apps don’t even give you keyboard and trackpad functionality. Just one or the other. How are neutered apps like that even usable?

LITE isn’t a neutered app. I think it’s the best free app in it’s class. Give it a try and I think you’ll agree. If you like it a lot, take a look at Pro. If not, let me know what I can do to make it better!



* Total visual overhaul designed by Adam Betts.
* Better resizing of images for custom wallpapers.
* Improved Retina Display support.

* Now hides the status bar to give you a little more screen space.

* Added thumb scrolling.
* Drag on trackpad button to click-and-hold, just like on a physical mouse.

* Added support for XBMC.
* Will launch Boxee or XBMC when activated.

* Improved reliability of fast reconnect.
* Bug fixes.

* Removed in-app Twitter client.

December 8th, 2010 at 12:31 am

HippoRemote Pro 3.0.1

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Thanks to Apple for a quick approval of HippoRemote Pro 3.0.1. This update fixes a bug that caused a crash on startup for some users. So go get it! Full changelog below.



* Fixes a crash on startup that affected some users after updating.
* Fix power button covering delete button on profiles screen.
* Fix potential crash when tapping a launch button on favorites screen.

* User is prompted whether to overwrite or rename when re-downloading an existing profile.

December 7th, 2010 at 7:09 pm

Pro 3.0 crashing on launch

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I’ve been getting reports that HippoRemote Pro is crashing on startup for some users after they updated to 3.0. I think I’ve identified the problem and have submitted a fix to Apple. With any luck, they will expedite the approval.

That said, there is a simple fix that works right now. Simply delete the app from your iPhone and download it again from the App Store.

December 5th, 2010 at 8:37 pm