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Auto-discovery Broken with iTunes 10.5 for Windows

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It looks like iTunes 10.5 for Windows breaks HippoRemote’s ability to automatically discover your Windows PC. Specifically, the new version of Bonjour that is installed with iTunes 10.5 only works briefly before failing. Hopefully, Apple will issue a fix soon.

In the meantime, a temporary band-aid is to uninstall the existing version of Bonjour and to install an older version from the link below.

Bonjour for Windows 2.0.2

This has restored auto-discovery on my Windows PCs, but I’m guessing it may cause some incompatibilities with iTunes 10.5. I haven’t noticed any, but I’m not a heavy iTunes users. If you run into any issues, leave a comment or send me a support email.

Written by Albert

November 9th, 2011 at 8:12 pm

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HippoConnect 1.0.5

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Hey Mac users!

I just released an update to HippoConnect that addresses two issues you may be experiencing.

First, this update fixes a problem with fast user switching. HippoConnect will now restart when you fast user switch, so that you can properly control your Mac as the new user, rather than continue to be tied to the previous user.

Second, this update addresses an issue in Lion with remotely waking your Mac. Lion is much more energy conscious than previous version of OS X. So if you tried to wake up your Mac over Wi-Fi, it would turn on, but the display would stay off. Great for many situations, but lousy for HippoRemote. This update to HippoConnect will now activate your sleeping display, letting you fully power up your Mac without getting up from the couch.

Here’s the download link.

After downloading, you must toggle HippoConnect off/on for the changes to take effect.


Written by Albert

October 27th, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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Upgrading to Lion

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**UPDATE: (8/21/2011) HippoRemote Pro 3.3 restores support for Screen Sharing connections.**

For those of you making the jump to OS X Lion, please install HippoConnect. It is the recommended way to enable connections with HippoRemote. You can download HippoConnect here.

If you previously used HippoVNC for Mac, please disable the system server (if it’s running) and uninstall.

If all you ran before was Screen Sharing, I highly recommend you install HippoConnect. Lion makes a number of changes to Screen Sharing that are great if you actually want to share the screen to a remote location, but not so great if you just want to simulate a keyboard & mouse like HippoRemote.

I’m working on improving support for Lion’s changes to Screen Sharing, but in the meantime, HippoConnect is the way to go.

Written by Albert

July 20th, 2011 at 5:07 pm

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