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Windows Tip: No More IP Addresses!

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When setting up a connection to my HTPC, it’s really annoying to have to find/input the IP address. And if you ever have to reboot your router, it’s likely all your IPs change and suddenly your saved connections no longer work.

Here’s a simple solution. Install iTunes. Actually, you want to install Bonjour for Windows, but it’s generally installed automatically with iTunes. So if you’ve already got the latest iTunes on your Windows machine, you’re done.

Now, to connect to your computer, append “.local” to the end of your computer’s name. For example, if you named your computer “HTPC”, when adding the connection in HippoRemote, use “HTPC.local” for the name. No more hunting for IPs!

July 23rd, 2009 at 2:07 pm

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