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HippoRemote Tip #5 – Password-Only Logins

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Hopefully you all are using HippoRemote’s built-in Login Manager to store your usernames and passwords. It will save you a bunch of typing — a big productivity boost, particularly if you don’t really like the iPhone’s virtual keyboard.

In HippoRemote 1.2, we added support for password-only logins. Out of habit, we generally configure our computers to require a password when waking from sleep. And while HippoRemote’s Keyboard History makes it easy to enter the password, seeing our password in plain text always makes us cringe. So in 1.2, you can now create a Login with a blank username and HippoRemote will handle it properly.

Note: Prior to 1.2, if you tried to create a password-only login, a number of bad things could happen, including HippoRemote being unable to delete that login. Basically, we had a bug that would store the password incorrectly. This bug has been fixed, but in order to clear out pre-existing bad logins, you must delete and reinstall HippoRemote. We’re really sorry for letting that one slip through the cracks. Hopefully it hasn’t caused you much grief.

October 5th, 2009 at 12:40 pm

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