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HippoRemote Tip #10 – Shift & Control Clicking

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Most of the other remote apps you can find in the App Store use a split-screen style interface to show both the trackpad and the keyboard simultaneously. This is helpful for doing combo commands, like shift clicks or control clicks. But ultimately, keyboard usability suffers. You generally only get a fleeting look at the text you type. And you can’t get features like Keyboard History or take advantage of the iPhone’s autocorrection like you can with HippoRemote.

But if you need to, how do you do a shift click in HippoRemote? The short answer is to switch to the Mac OS X or Windows XP/Vista/7 profile. We’ve put assigned some of the trackpad’s shortcut buttons to these keyboard+mouse combos.

You can also create these actions as Macros and have them available in other profiles as well. Here’s the macro for a shift click:


Yes, that’s it. Use MOUSE_2 for a right click. Or just hit the Help button when creating a Macro for more information.

October 14th, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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