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HippoRemote Pro 3.0

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HippoRemote Pro 3.0 is approved and available in the App Store for purchase. It requires iOS 4.0 or greater and is a free update for existing users. A full list of changes is below, but I wanted to spend a little time on the development process for this update.

The theme of version 3.0 is refinement. Since the initial 1.0 release almost a year and a half ago, I’ve updated Pro over a dozen times, adding a bevy of new features. Some of these worked out great. Others not so much. But the focus was always to expand what the app could do.

For 3.0, it was time to stop focusing on features and return to focusing on usability. I wanted to get back to the basics and apply all that I’d learned since the app’s initial release – from my own usage and from your feedback. I wanted to make using the app as fluid and effortless as possible.

That doesn’t mean that there are no new features in 3.0. It just means that they did’t feel like new features. Focusing on usability highlighted areas where missing functionality made the app more difficult or more awkward. Adding the functionality was just filling in something that was missing, rather than adding something new.

One other thing I learned during the development of 3.0 is that usability and aesthetics go hand in hand. Up until now, I’ve tried to use standard iPhone interface elements whenever possible to make Pro feel more consistent with other apps. But sometimes, the standard interface elements are just not a good fit and rolling your own UI is the way to go. In these scenarios, it’s important for the custom UI to have great aesthetics. Ugly UI, even with identical functionality, detracts from usability for the simple reason that if it looks bad, you don’t want to use it! With the help of Adam Betts, I think the new UI in 3.0 achieves great aesthetics. I also think it’s a big step forward in usability. I hope you feel that way too!



* Total visual overhaul designed by Adam Betts.
* Every profile updated. Download the updates from our online repository.

* By popular request! Simultaneous keyboard + trackpad access.
* Long press keyboard button to toggle.

* Swipe across row on Profile screen to access.
* Tweak existing profiles.
* Create new profiles using templates or other profiles.

* Backup your profiles and macros.
* Sync to other devices.
* Edits auto-sync to Dropbox.com.
* Use Twitter-style pull-to-refresh to initiate a manual sync.

* Swipe left/right to switch controlpads.
* Swipe up/down to hide controlpad.
* Swipe up on bottom bar to access volume controls.
* Long press on bottom bar for quick access to global macros.
* Drag left/right on bottom bar to start thumb scrolling.
* Drag on trackpad button to click-and-hold, just like on a physical mouse.

* Improved gesturepad support for Boxee, Plex, and XBMC.
* Better gamepad support for Macs. Requires newest HippoVNC.
* New setting to disable shake access to global macros.
* Long press to activate macro and return to trackpad.
* Improved sizing of custom wallpapers.
* Retina Display support for custom wallpapers.
* Improved reliability of fast reconnect.
* Bug fixes.

* Removed in-app Twitter client.

November 29th, 2010 at 8:20 pm

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  1. just installed the new update on my ipod touch 3g, and now hipporemote won’t work. it just crashes after about a second. booting the device did’nt work either and now i’m sad.

    Sid Visher

    29 Nov 10 at 11:11 pm

  2. I am having the same problem as the comment above on an iPad running 4.2. I am also sad.


    30 Nov 10 at 10:52 am

  3. There seems to be a bug with old installations. I had the same bug, reinstalling fixed it.
    It’s worth the hassle!


    30 Nov 10 at 11:05 am

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