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Finally, HippoRemote 1.1! (and an update on 1.2)

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After over a month sitting in Apple’s review queue, HippoRemote’s 1.1 update is finally available in the App Store!

Along with some connection fixes, 1.1 adds Wake-on-LAN support. It’s pretty annoying for us to finally make it to the couch, only to realize we have to get back up and turn on the TV computer. Wake-on-LAN solves that problem with the caveat that your TV computer must be networked via a wired connection. See the FAQ for more details on getting things working.

In the 1+ month since 1.1 was submitted, we’ve found (and fixed!) some more bugs. And we’ve been hard at work adding new features. For example, we’ve added Auto-Connect, for those of you who primarily control one computer; Macros, so you can create your own keyboard shortcuts and automate common tasks; and we’re currently wrapping up Custom App Profiles, so you can create profiles much better than ours for all your favorite programs. For the international crowd, we’re also dramatically improving support for non-English languages.

We’ve also been giving HippoRemote an extra layer of polish and refinement. We’re revisiting existing features like Drag Lock and Circular Scrolling and tuning them to be even more useful. And we continue to tweak the look of HippoRemote. It’s not our style to be super flashy. We prefer understated elegance and we’re working to get there.

So the question remains…When will this all be ready? I had wanted to release new features (and bug fixes) as they were finished — basically a release early and release often approach to development. Given how long the approval process is, even for updates, I think it makes more sense to make each update more substantial. This means more testing. 1.2 is getting close, but there’s still a little more to go.

Until then, enjoy 1.1 and Wake-on-LAN! And send us your thoughts, comments, and feedback either on this blog, via email, or on Twitter.

August 28th, 2009 at 1:21 pm

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