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HippoRemote 1.2 Now Available!

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So Apple caught us a little by surprise. Not only did 1.2 get approved weeks faster than any previous release, but it also was approved on a Sunday! Looks like some people over at Apple are working overtime.

Anyway, HippoRemote 1.2 is a really big update. We’ve added a bunch of stuff, applied more polish to nearly every aspect of the app, and of course, fixed some bugs. We’ll be posting in more detail about what’s changed in the next few days, but here’s the short list of new features:

* New Profiles. By popular demand, we’ve added profiles for VLC, PowerPoint, Keynote, and Gmail.
* Auto-Connect. This saves a lot of time if you only connect to one machine. And if you’ve entered the MAC address, HippoRemote will also try to wake up the machine using the built-in Wake-on-LAN functionality.
* Macros. It’s not really feasible for us to track every available shortcut in every supported app. With Macros, you can now add any we’ve missed. Furthermore, Macros let’s you create sequences of shortcuts so you can automate any repetitive tasks.
* Landscape Keyboard. For those of us who need the extra space.
* Unicode Support. We now support all the languages available on the iPhone. Note that you’ll need to use HippoVNC (our customized VNC server) to enable this feature. See the setup page for more info.
* Proximity Sensor Support. To save battery, enable the Proximity Sensor setting. When you’re not using HippoRemote, simply flip your iPhone on its face to disable the screen.

And our favorite new feature:

* Automatic App Launching & Switching. Another feature that requires HippoVNC. Now changing a profile automatically launches the app or switches to it if it’s already open.

One more thing…A lot of you have asked for the ability to create your own profiles. We’ve added it, but we’d like to gather some more feedback before making it broadly available. If you’d like to try out profile creation, please send us an email at our support address. Note that to get the most out of profiles, you’ll need an image editor as well as a text editor.

September 27th, 2009 at 5:44 pm

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